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The Pit Bull: Real Life Underdogs


Pit bulls have been the subject of discrimination for many years. The myth behind the pit bill breed features a lot of hate, confusion and mistrust. According to the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA), roughly 1.2 million dogs are euthanized per year. The ASPCA also states that 40 percent of dogs in the rescue system are identified as “pit bulls”.

This leads us to the question: what exactly is a pit bull? In reality, there isn’t a specific breed that is associated with the dog. Their name is just a general statement and totally ambiguous: some are Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit bulls, and Bull Terriers, the list goes on.

Many websites attribute high percentages of fatal dog bites to pit bulls. But without a clear definition of what a pit bull is, these numbers are just not credible for the justification of killing innocent dogs.

This also doesn’t account for the misuse of many of these so-called pit bulls. Instead of blaming the owner for a poorly behaved animal, most blame the dog. People purchase pit bulls for their physical traits, such as their ability to build muscle mass and lock their jaw while they bite.

With the controversy surrounding this misunderstood breed, there are many stories to be told. One story could be focused on Luvable Dog Rescue, a no-kill shelter located in the hills of the Eugene, Oregon.

At Luvable Dog Rescue, dogs live in cottages, not cages. Pit bulls are given specialized training by Ashley Olsen, an animal trainer from California. Olsen focuses on positive reinforcement and good behavior.

With Luvable Dog Rescue, it is possible to tell the success stories of pit bulls that have been become beloved family members with the help of positive reinforcement and an unbiased approach to a dog’s appearance.

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